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The year is 1890. A few months after a Tag-Mart opens in Deadhorse City Willie Smooter has closed Smooter’s General Store, purchased a used Sphere Stream RV Travel Trailer, a new cowboy outfit and is on his way to Milwaukee. His vision of the city is a place where happy people drink beer and eat sausages.

Joined by his best friend Claude at the last minute the two have great laughs and adventure on the way to Beer Town. They meet up with an assortment of characters, including picking up passengers like Bob. With Mister Bob is Señor Benito, his rude, trash talking wooden hand puppet.




Philip Shotz, the Milwaukee brewery tycoon is robbed of money and jewelry while having a one-time affair with a sexpot flight attendant. Shotz knows if he reports the crime to the police, a scandal will ensue. Two days later while shopping for perch, he finds the Herbert Snabble Private Detective Agency, on the second floor above The Mitchell Street Fish Market. Herb Snabble is hired to find a cherished stolen ring.


Herb begins his investigation on the streets of Milwaukee and it ends in the rain forest jungles of South America. In between, he is beat up a few times, shot at, drugged, dates the flight attendant from the robbery, learns there was a transmitter inside the stolen ring, wins a trip to Octoberfest in Germany and bowls three games to practice for a big match against Victor’s AAA Plumbing.





















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